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If you've not announced, then only the first chip s to hit the table count. Don't you hate it when some guy calls you a horrible player because you called his mega preflop raise with J9s in the small blind and flopped a boat? If I'm first to act my only options are to call, raise, or fold, right? As soon as you fold, you can whip it out to do whatever, but if you still have cards, keep it in your pocket or in your lap. I made one of the posts. Besides, we were all fish once. This all really comes down to making whatever your action is obvious and deliberate -- you don't have to worry about the line playiing all if you properly protect your cards, properly cut your chips when betting, etc.

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Poker author Nathan Williams ("Modern Small Stakes") offers five concrete strategies to increase your win rate at lower stakes games, both live and online. Indeed, for many that is the primary reason for playing the game. .'s Crystal Haul Offers Daily Bonuses; 5 Reasons to Play at Betway. Playing poker in a casino for the first time can be exciting. found your table and you're ready to play, here are some general tips for casino poker: It is a good idea to place a chip on them to show that they are still live and protect them. As a primarily $1/$2 live player who has only occasionally been dabbling in I'd write up a short post with some general tips for people who haven't played live. .. My very first time at a casino was nerve-wracking as all hell.