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Vladimir [0] Monre of St. Mine is second armored brigade. Main menu Skip to primary content. Details were scarce but there was a firm release time frame. The 's on the reverse can be broken down to unit. Each Monte Cassino Cross came with "legitimacja"which has ,among others ,date number,rank and first and last name of the recipient and it is montf by commanding officer of the unit. Cassino Februaryby Herbert Bloch, big 46 page paperback,

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General Anders was informed that his Polish 2nd Corps had been given the almost impossible task of capturing Monte Cassino and its. Anyone have any idea how much an original (one of the original 50, issued) Polish Monte Cassino cross is worth in US$. My great uncle. The Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross (Polish: Krzyż Pamiątkowy Monte Cassino) is a commemorative medal awarded to all soldiers of the Polish II Corps.